Community Pool Rules

To All Homeowners:
The Liberty Heights Homeowners Association is not responsible for accidents or injuries at the pool.  Patrons use these facilities at their own risk.

Note:  Pool is closed for the season and will re-open Memorial Day weekend 2014.

Please treat this area as if it were your own home; treat others as you would be treated.

  1. This area is for members and their non-resident guest only.  Maximum of 2 non-resident guests per household, allowed at any time.  All guest must be accompanied by the adult household member(s).
  2. Pool will close at 10:00 PM.
  3. Children under age 15 must be accompanied by an adult.  Children age 15 or older may use the pool without adult supervision, provided that NO guest are accompanying the child.
  4. No pets allowed.
  5. No glass containers allowed.
  6. No smoking.
  7. No alcoholic beverages.
  8. Please dispose of waste appropriately.
  9. Appropriate attire required; no cut-offs allowed in pool; wear applicable “Swimmer Diapers’ REQUIRED!
  10. No diving, running, horseplay, excessive noise levels, abusive language or abuse of pool property.
  11. No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, or other vehicles allowed in pool area.
  12. Adult members have the responsibility to enforce rules to ensure the safety of all Patrons; and are legally responsible for damages caused by family or guest.
  13. Any damage or cost incurred by the Association from damages or negligence will be billed to the homeowner and will be suspended from the pool permanently.  No parties are allowed due to limited space and consideration of all homeowners.
  14. Baby Pool- ages 5 and under.
  15. Limit 14 unsupervised.

If you do not have a pool key card, please complete the attached pool membership form and return to Carrie Snow at or contact her by phone at (615) 295-2317.

One key card is provided per residence at no charge.  Additional cards are $25.00 per card.